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Guidelines for Registration & Examination Form Submission for New / Existing Admissions
IT / Management / Engineering
Regular Programs, MDU - July 2010 Session


Please read the following instructions carefully before submitting the listed documents for the session July 2010 for new students

Form & Fund Transfer report (FFTR) – Form deposit slip and DD/Cash Deposit Slip. The covering should be on each bundle listed below:

  • Bundle 1: New students “ICR sheets”
  • Bundle 2: Documents required for eligibility checks

All these have to be bundled separately and submitted together.

Step 1

For first time login, colleges have the option to select their respective college and fill the mandatory details on the online form. After submitting the form, the user id and password will be emailed to the email id provided by the college coordinator at the time of filling the form. The login credentials will also be sent to the mobile number provided through SMS.

If you have the login credentials, Kindly login by entering the user id and password.

Step 2

For New Students

After logging in the Institute panel, click on “New Registration” link and enter the basic details as asked in the form like personal details, academic details, course details etc. After filling the necessary details, the student will be registered successfully for the session Jul 2010.

For Existing Students

After logging in the Institute panel, click on “Re-Registration” link. Select the Course and Semester and view list of students already registered as per session Jul 2010. After updating the necessary details, the student will get registered successfully for the session Jul 2010.

(Please ensure that you fill the correct ICR sheet No. for each student before entering online information. ICR sheets are available for each course and semester that can be collected free of cost from the P.R.O. office at MDU, Rohtak) or call 1860-180-1810.)

Step 3

When you have registered all students and ready to send ICR, eligibility documents and fees to the university then click on “Form & Fund Transfer” link. Kindly generate and take a print of online “Form & Fund Transfer Report “required for July 2010 Session. The online “Form & Fund Transfer Report” shall be printed Course and Semester wise. And it consists of “DD/Pay Order/Cash deposit Slips” (for Fee deposit) and “FORM deposit Slip” (for ICR sheet and Eligibility Documents deposit) Kindly repeat Steps (2) to (3) for all courses and semesters for which you want to submit the payment and re- registration ICR sheets.

Step 4

Kindly take print of Form & Fund Transfer report (FFTR) of these students and arrange the DD/Pay Order sequentially Course and Semester wise as per the details in FFTR- (DD/Pay Order deposit Slip). You can now deposit Pay Order/Cash in your Nearest Axis Bank Branch and submit the stamped proof. However, DDs payable at Rohtak can only be deposited at MDU university counter only.

Step 5

Kindly take ICR sheets (Bundle 1) and arrange them in sequence as per the FFTR (Form Deposit Slip) Course wise and semester wise.

Step 6

Kindly take Documents required for Eligibility Check (Bundle 2) and arrange them in sequence as per the FFTR (Form Deposit Slip) Course wise and semester wise.

Checklist of Registration / Examination documents to be submitted:

Now kindly submit in the University the following:

  • Print of Online “Form & Fund Transfer Report (Pay Order/DD/Cash deposit slip)” with Pay orders/Cash Deposit &
    Stamped Proof or DD.
  • Print of Online “Form & Fund Transfer Report (Form Deposit Slip)” along with new “ICR Sheets”.
  • Print of Online “Form & Fund Transfer Report (Form Deposit Slip)” along with “Documents for eligibility check”
    (last qualifying examination marks sheet, certificates required in case of Defence personnel/University Wards,
  • Collect the “Diary No. & Form Deposit Proof” from the Form Collection Center at MDU, Rohtak.

Mode of Fee Payments:

There are three options available to deposit fee in Axis Bank.

  • Pay Order (PO): This means local Payable DD. You may make PO in favour of “Finance Officer, M.D. University, Rohtak” drawn at your nearest Axis Bank branch location. For e.g., If you are located in Faridabad you can make/deposit Pay Order drawn on Faridabad, if you have to deposit your fee in nearest Faridabad Axis Bank branch. You can deposit Pay Orders along with FFTR–Pay-Order deposit Slip to your Nearest Axis bank. If there is no Axis Branch near your city then Payment mode of DD as mentioned in poin3 below should be exercised.
  • Cash: You may deposit cash into University’s account in the nearest Axis Bank branch along with the Online “FFTR-Cash deposit slip”.
  • DD: This means DD payable at Rohtak. You may Make/collect students DD in favor of “Finance Officer, M.D. University, Rohtak” drawn/payable at Rohtak. For DDs drawn/payable at Rohtak, the same need to be deposited in MDU, Rohtak only. You can deposit DDs along with FFTR-DD Deposit slip to University Counter at MDU Rohtak.
  • Forms with Less or Partial payment DDs shall not be accepted in any case whatsoever.

Important Instructions:

  • Always make “Online Registrations” and generate “Form & Fund Transfer Report (FFTR)” before submitting Documents in the University.
  • Use New ICR Computer Sheets available from University PRO at MDU Rohtak. Incomplete ICR Computer Sheets will not be accepted. Old Computer sheets and Admit cards are not required from this session onwards.
  • Always arrange the “ICR Sheets” Course and Semester wise as per the sequence and details in the “Form& Fund Transfer Report (FFTR)” before submitting in the University.
  • Always mention your College Code at the back of Pay Order/DDs before submitting to bank or at MDU counter.
  • Kindly make Pay Order in favour of your nearest Axis Bank Branch to deposit in that particular branch. Your nearest Axis Bank will not accept Out-station Instruments. For e.g., Faridabad branch of Axis Bank will not accept the DD drawn on Rohtak.
  • In case of any queries please call MDU Information Centre at 1860-180-1810.
  • Always check web portal for updates and notifications.
  • Always submit the forms in time to avoid late fee fine. For last dates do update yourself from
  • Colleges do not have to submit RR / CR print. It will be automatically generated on submission of FFTR at the university counter
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