(A State University established under Haryana Act No. XXV of 1975)
'A' Grade University Accredited by NAAC
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The following Scholarships, Stipends, Prizes etc. are available in the University Teaching Departments and Post Graduate Regional Centre, Rewari :-

A. Scholarships

1. University Special Scholarship
2. University Merit Scholarship
3. Scholarship for P.G. Diploma in Translation.
4. National Loan Scholarship of the Govt. of India.
5. National Merit Scholarship.
6. University Research Scholarship.
7. State Govt. Merit Scholarship/Haryana State Silver Jubilee Scholarship.
8. Scheduled Caste Scholarships.
9. Lion Joseph Mc Loughlin Scholarship.
10. Pehlwan Harnarayan Phogat Memorial Scholarship.
11. Dr. Silak Ram Phogat Memorial Scholarship.
12. Sh. Bimal Prashad Jain Memorial Scholarship.
13. Usha Rani Sharma Memorial Scholarship.
14. Smt. Ram Kaur & Lt. Col. Bije Singh Scholarship.
15. Chander Kanta Katyal Memorial Scholarship.
16. 46th All India Commerce Conference Commemorative Scholarship.
17. Late Smt. Man Bhari Devi Scholarship.
18. Dr. P.P. Singh Memorial Scholarship.
19. Sh. Mukesh Gupta Educational Scholarship.
20 Ch. Badlu Ram Scholarship.
21. Ch. Chhotu Ram Cash Grant.
22. Sh. Dharmpal Ghangas Memorial Scholarship.
23. Kalpana Chawla Memorial Scholarship.
24. L.P.S. Scholarship & L.P.S. Bossard Scholarship.
25. Sh. Ranbir Singh Memorial Scholarship.
26. Sh. K.C. Shastri M. Charitable Trust Scholarship.
27. Dr. Rajesh Malhotra Memorial Scholarship and Medals.

B. Stipends

1. Stipends for the students of SC/BC categories.
2. Stipends Awarded by the District Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen’s Boards.
3. Post Graduate Stipends.
4. General Stipends.

C. Prizes

Acharya Ram Dev Prize is awarded annually to the student standing first in M.A. (History) examination of this University.

D. Students’ Aid Fund

Financial assistance to the poor and deserving students is given out of the Students’ Aid Fund in the form of lump-sum grants.

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